Vegas, the land of dreams

I finally has a brief spot of downtime waiting for the shuttle to whisk me away from the Red Rock resort in Las Vegas to the airport. While I continued to knock out some emails, I decided to do one of my favorite things: people-watch. I looked at people at the slot machines, focused on the possibility, dare I say, the near reality of striking it big. Big money signs were everywhere, even promises of no lose games. It was intriguing, to say the least. I considered dropping some coin, and even thinking about it gave me a rush… What would I do with my winnings? I decided against it, but who knows… I just might try next time.

Then I looked up and saw a young bride taking wedding pictures with her bridesmaids. I thought about all those that go to Vegas to get married, with just about any theme you could ask for. I wondered if the bride was from Vegas, or if she had come to Vegas to make the wedding even more special (then I wondered where people who live in Vegas go to elope, but that’s only cuz I had too much time on my hands 🙂 ).

What is so special about this place that makes people brave the 110 degree heat (in the shade) and roller coaster airplane landings (ok, maybe that’s just me… I hate turbulence)? Is it the geographical location, the majestic beauty of the mountains, the perfect weather? Maybe it’s none of the above. Sometimes the attraction to a place or thing has nothing to do with the actual place or thing itself, but more what that thing represents.

Last night, my company had a private affair at a popular nightspot. We had the place all to ourselves, until the place was set to open to the public. As we were leaving we saw “the line” –  dozens, if not hundreds of would be party-ers, waiting to get in to a potentially crowded (yes, it did get very crowded) place, to stand around, drink a little…. all the way to Vegas to do that? I can do that anywhere, right?

Ah, but that’s where the real magic comes in. They weren’t standing in line, waiting to pay their money just to stand around. They were going to be a part of something. To be seen. To experience “the place”. They wanted to be able to come back home and talk about “where they were” and “who they saw”. They were fulfilling a dream.

The bride, the gambler, the clubber, all of them had one thing in common. To go to Vegas to fulfill a dream. Romance, riches, or revelry, they all counted the cost of the heat, the travel, the time as worth it for their particular dream. Some might say that their dreams are too small, too insignificant, but I would beg to differ. Why is someone’s dream more important than another’s? Who’s to say what is really at the core of someone’s dream? Maybe the gambler would become philanthropic with his winnings. Maybe the clubber would get noticed, and eventually become an ambassador for the poor. Or, maybe, their dreams fulfilled would just make them a happier person. Lord knows we could use some more happy people around…

All of this started me thinking about my own dreams. About what would make me happy, and whether I would “make the trek”, braving the elements for the fulfillment of the dream, or make excuses (it’s too hot, I don’t like to stand in lines, I can’t afford it…). Maybe I can take a lesson from those I saw in Vegas this week. I’m sure most of the clubbers did not get discovered. Most of the gamblers lost money (I have hope for the bride 🙂 ). For them, however, it doesn’t matter, cuz they took the chance. They jumped into the river of “dream potential”, and for that, they are better.

What dreams are waiting for you to go after? Are you ready to jump in?

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    1. Ah, feel much better now 🙂 Great post Ken!

      The appeal of Vegas has always been such a mystery to me. It may be because I don’t like the heat, am not fond of crowds, don’t like to gamble…some of the many things that make up Vegas.

      Yet there have been times I have been there and felt something magical in the air. Maybe it is all the many dreams gathered about in one place, just waiting to be given life. I breathe them in, feel their pulse and somehow I get caught up in the potential, the what if’s start their dance and I feel pulled to join in!

      1. it is very intoxicating, in a good way. I had some negative experiences with Vegas a few years back that soured me on the place, but I think it was because I was confronted wtih the bad, and didn’t take the opportunity to see what was, or could be good. Guess i’m learning in my old age, huh? 🙂

        I’m joining in the dance this year. Whether in Vegas, Milpitas, or half way around the world, it’s time for dreams to take flight.

  1. Hrmm…I’ve been thinking about this lately…how my dreams have changed. Not really changed so much, but an acceptance and recognition of what has lived deep inside my heart from the beginning. And yes, I’ve been jumping, in slow motion mind you, but indeed jumping.

    1. Jumping in slow motion looks awesome :-).

      I love that you are recognizing what has been in your heart from the beginning. Looking back on my dreams, I would venture to say that my newest ones are, like yours, permanent residents of my heart from the start

  2. Is it weird, or am I alone, to have always seen Vegas as kind of a sad place? Sort of like all the sparkle doesn’t quite make up for something missing at its core… I wonder why I feel that way. I know a lot of people who don’t. (You, apparently.) I’m not at all disagreeing with your post. I think “Lord knows, we could use some more happy people around…” is one of the truest things I’ve read all week. I’m just curious about my own Vegas reaction.

    Lover your descriptions of, and hopes for, the bride.

    1. I dont think you’re alone. Everyone knows that the games are setup for you to lose your money, and the glitz is only surface. I think I just saw a different perspective, not for the addicts, but just for those who look to have fun. I think there are a couple of types of people that go, and some definitely fit the sad category, but I also spoke to, and saw some people who were just in it for the enjoyment.

      Personally, im not looking forward to going to Vegas again, but I will, or at least try to see it different the next time I do.

  3. Interesting, but even though it isn’t anywhere near me, I tend to feel about Vegas as j described above.
    Loved to read your perspective of the place and yes, there are always people who just look to have fun in its purest form, without preoccupation for appearances or the glitz from the surface.
    I think these are the people who are better for jumping into that dream potential, like you said 🙂

    As for my dreams… I’d love to jump right in, the sooner the better. The ever-present “I can’t afford it” is probably the only thing keeping me from being able to give some dreams a try. But I’m doing my best to work on changing that.

    1. I’m glad you are working on changing that, Estrella. This has me wondering, if those who are.pursuing real dreams are able to cut through the surface look of Vegas to see what it really has to offer (or doesn’t). After all, Vegas does promise a lot and doesn’t deliver… What if those dreamers put their effort into really fulfilling their dreams, instead of relying on a place like Vegas (or substitute anything else) to hand it to them. Just pondering…

      Thanks for the perspective and comments.

      1. I wonder that too. If Vegas might be a replacement or a diversion from the deeper place they (all of us) are trying to fill. Just a thought. Love the conversation, k.

      2. I wanted to write another comment on this thought, but I see you summed it up perfectly – relying on a place of promises rather than working on fulfilling dreams is easier and probably why many people get hung up on that…

      3. yep, just like I am realizing since I started working out again, working on dreams is hard work, and it hurts a little when you first jump into it (ok, maybe a lot). But it’s a good hurt, that feeling that makes you know you are alive, and one step closer to that dream fulfilled. It makes it totally worth it (that’s what I’m telling myself at 5am when I get up to pummell my body 🙂 )

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