I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death. – Robert Lee Fulghum

Dreamers dream, not to escape reality, but to see how to change it. Knowledge tells you of your past and your present, while dreams and visions tell you of your future and your possibilities. My hope for you as you enter this site is that you not only gain knowledge that can help you in your life, your business and your relationships, but that you will also gain a little whimsy… a vision of what can be, and the ability to look a little deeper into this thing we call living.

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Years ago, I began to see a deeper need when it came to sermon communication. Many churches emphasize taking notes, which is great, but there is no opportunity to prepare for the message. To this end, I started an experiment, putting my sermon notes online a few days before the actual message. It was an interesting experiment, to be sure, and yielded some positive results:

– People appreciated being able to review the notes beforehand, and to read the scriptures that were used (I use a lot of scriptures in my messages 😉 )

– People that couldn’t make it for one part of a series appreciated being able to catch up

– The notes were good for people who had a hard time hearing the full message

– People felt more prepared (as did I, since I had to have the message ready earlier than right before service started.

While I do not have access to the audio messages anymore, the printed messages are still available. The catalog has been updated for easier access to messages, as well as to sermon series, for those who want to binge read :-). Also, if anyone wants to use these notes for their own study or teaching, feel free (just do me a solid, and don’t go reprinting them on your site without proper credit… you know, karma, golden rule, all that jazz 🙂 )

Sermon Catalog


“There is always a story to tell… better yet, to live.” – Me

From as far back as I can remember, I have had two driving passions: helping people, and telling stories. Both come from an ability to dream about, and a desire to create a reality a little better for me and those around me. I have been a lover of books from the time I started reading, developed my own comic strip before age seven, and found myself instructing others as early as first grade. Since that time I have led, trained, taught, and helped others build their own story.

As a writer, I have contributed original artistic works to churches, artistic organizations and companies. I have coached and advised both individuals and groups, serving on the boards of missions and artistic organizations. In addition, I have brought my storytelling and teaching passions to the number of churches in which I served as assistant or senior pastor.

In my professional career I have been brought into organizations as a change agent, helping the organization augment the story of their success. Knowing and believing that there was always more that could be done fueled new visions, new stories, breakthroughs and growth within each of the team members and of the team as a whole. Taking a logistics team to back to back successful inventories, reshaping a help desk into a technical service team, and automating the processes for managing a videoconferencing service, to name a few, were all achieved because of an enhanced vision, a believable story, and a passion for a better experience for all involved.