Words… powerful, influential, thought-provoking, comforting, soothing, challenging and more. Words are one of the things that makes us distinctly human and allow us, if we use them correctly, to improve, grow, and live.

Kidstuph is all about words – thoughts, questions, experiences and yes, answers that come from interacting with this world, be it our physical, emotional or spiritual world – or all of the above simultaneously.

Kidstuph is about sharing. It’s about discovery, about declaring “I don’t know”, about being willing to dig deep. To understand, or seek to understand that there is more to life than what my little brain can hold

Kidstuph is also about celebrating life. About declaring some experiences as real. It’s about real love… about dealing with the hard stuph, knowing that it can’t fully take you out… about living each day, as opposed to existing.

Kidstuph is a journey. It doesn’t offer textbook answers to anything… only what I know, what I have experienced, and what I believe will benefit those around me. You are invited to walk this journey with me, as we find life, and love and wisdom through the mind of this grown up kid.



Kenneth’s career can be summed up by the phrase, “Excellency in ministry, excellency in business.” Kenneth has always been bi-vocational, holding to the belief that there is a benefit in going through what the congregation, and the world itself experiences on a day to day basis. “It’s one thing to minister from words on a page, quite another to minister from a point of personal experience.” Kenneth is a gifted servant leader whose success has been in raising up and training others to operate in their gifts and move into career areas befitting their talents. “My vision has always been to see others excel and find their place in the world.” Whether it be in ministry, or in the workplace, Kenneth has opened doors for many individuals to the next steps in their careers, and worked with business leaders to provide solutions and process improvement so they can succeed.


Ministry Business
Interim Pastor Product Manager
Ministry Coach Customer Success/Experience Professional
Conference Speaker Excel Consultant


I think my earliest memory is of me being a bookworm. I was fascinated with books, my favorite being “Where The Wild Things Are”. When I was 6 I created a comic strip about a superhero named “Super Fool”. He helped me through a pretty tough time in my life, and ever since then, I have had writing and story telling as a part of my life.

My biggest local break was when I had the opportunity to write  for Ron Kenoly as he created a series of Cantatas for Christmas and Easter. During that time I was also working with The Music Place for Children, writing and directing musicals for them, and creating plays for the youth of Jubilee Christian Center. Fun times, for sure.

I love being an artist in an artistic household. There is always something being created, whether it be music, art, poetry, drawings or plays. I also love seeing others creating. The process people use to create whatever they are creating fascinates me.

As a storyteller, I love preaching the gospel, the greatest story ever told. It’s fun and exciting. I tend to be middle of the road, not too left and not too right, and people have given me good comments on my messages.

Outside of that, I love to cook, play guitar and trumpet, and run, and do spontaneous stuff with friends.

I guess that’s enough for now.