Father’s Heart Series

The word “father” brings up various images for different people. For some, fathers are tough disciplinarians… for others, they are absent. Rarely, though, do we think of the heart of the father – usually that is reserved for mothers. God, however demonstrates his heart toward us, showing us not only an example for earthly fathers to follow, but giving us the ability to accept his love and plan for us. As we delve into what God’s plan and purpose for us is, we will understand that his heart really is for us, and that he really does want us to live as complete and fulfilled citizens and family members in his kingdom.

Father’s Heart Series I: Connecting With the Heart of the Father (Luke 15)

Father’s Heart Series II: God’s Heart Is to Do Good

Father’s Heart Series III: God’s Heart for Relationship (Galatians 4:1-7)

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