Individual Sermons

Various sermons not tied to series:

  • Choosing The Good Part (Luke 10:38-42): Resolving to seek the Kingdom of God, and to not give up on the resolution; Understanding why resolutions fail, and the value we are to place on the things we seek.
  • Peeking in Clay Pots (II Corinthians 4:6-7): Understanding how elevating self image and presentation gets in the way of the knowledge of God and His Kingdom; Understanding that action follows the person (or God), it does not define the person
  • Removing the Mask (Matthew 5:14-16): Living in authenticity and not trying to “win the world” by putting on a good show, but truly letting our real light shine before others so they can see the real God in us
  • The Power of the Resurrection (John 20:1-8): Seeing just how life-changing Jesus’ resurrection is in our lives, and how much freedom comes when we truly understand it.

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