1 Pic = 1K Words…

That’s what they say, anyway. For a wordsmith, however I begin to wonder. I think that pictures prompt a thousand words. I see stories in every picture, emotion in every image, expression in each icon.

In any case, I had the off-opportunity to take some pictures of nature today. Each tells its own story, and probably the story is different for each person. That makes it fun. You can put all the stories together and come up with something pretty fantastic.

So, here are some of the pics. Have fun with your story 🙂


Notable Notables

to see the rest of the pics in the series: http://photobucket.com/tahoe_forest

Laura Bergerol, photo journalist extrordinaire: http://www.timecaptured.net/photoblog/

Estrella Azul’s walk around pics: http://estrella05azul.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/visual-of-my-past-few-weeks/

What can be better than pics of love?  http://zebrasounds.net/the-love-project-view/

Great pic of Suicide Rock: http://twitpic.com/68kjpd See more from Gina at http://gitanablog.com/

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  1. Great photos, and fun idea! All of the photos here stir poetry in me, except for one…and that’s the one with the deer like creature showing it’s arse. For some odd reason I’m reminded of Dorey, a character from the Disney film, Finding Nemo. I loved her! (Yes, I’m a closet Disney viewer. My daughter got me hooked on the wonder of them :). I can just hear this deer saying, “What, the forest isn’t big enough for ya? Stop following me!” 🙂

    1. that makes me smile Cynthia. the deer and I both spooked each other. I was about 5 feet away then heard it jump out of the bushes. I tried to get a better picture, but I think you’re right… it was saying “stop following me!” 🙂

      Would love to hear the poetry the pictures inspire

  2. I love your take on the picture eliciting a 1000 words. And wow – that first flower picture definitely says: “Hallelujah!! It’s a glorious sunny day! I’m in full bloom! Look at ME! Embrace me!” ..and then it conveniently forgets it’s a thistle and would prick you! haha Thank you for including my photo in your wonderful nature post, Kenneth. I love that we both get out there in the wilds that surround us and inhale deeply of nature’s gifts. G

    1. “conveniently forgets it’s a thistle”… I love this Gina :-). I was caught by its beauty, forgetting it was a thistle too (but knowing I wasn’t going to get close enough to test it 🙂 ). No killer boulders this time either, thank God.

  3. LOVE your pictures, Kenneth, they’re lovely!
    I tend to agree, pictures prompt a thousand words. And I think that the stories prompting different stories for each and every one of us is just wonderful!

  4. Love the way the flower picture looks like the flower itself is rejoicing, arms spread. But my favorite part of this is that when I asked you where you’d been, you said that you’d stopped on the way home from Reno to take a few pictures and then behind you, found a path. Talk about the universe handing you a message! How you decipher it could be major.

    Your pictures are wonderful!

    1. And here is the connectedness you speak of, J. I had been ripping and running so much, that I didn’t even see that there could have been a message in it. I just saw a respite from the madness. But maybe that’s the message, or at least a part of it. I’ll be thinking about this deeper now, thanks to you (more reasons to love J 🙂 )

  5. K, here’s a couple of poems inspired by your photos…they just came in off the press, so a bit raw, and unedited…o.0 The thistle photo reminded me of a quote I found years ago ~ “Beauty often seduces us on the road to truth.”


    Beautiful in her ways
    we find out
    soon enough
    just how prickly
    Folly is
    and how shallow
    her roots grow
    in the ground
    Wise is he
    who admires her
    from a distance

    And because I have a thing for roots of trees, that pic inspired this ~

    One thought
    allowed to take root
    can eventually affect
    many areas of our lives
    Plant the most
    beautiful thoughts possible
    Nourish them everyday
    with the light of your mind
    the water of emotion
    And like the mighty oak
    who stands one day
    tall, proud, unshakable
    in it’s faith
    you will also bear fruit
    with branches outstretched
    reaching for the sky
    in praise

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