I think my earliest memory is of me being a bookworm. I was fascinated with books, my favorite being “Where The Wild Things Are”. When I was 6 I created a comic strip about a superhero named “Super Fool”. He helped me through a pretty tough time in my life, and ever since then, I have had writing and story telling as a part of my life.

My biggest local break was when I had the opportunity to write Β for Ron KenolyΒ as he created a series of Cantatas for Christmas and Easter. During that time I was also working with The Music Place for Children, writing and directing musicals for them, and creating plays for the youth of Jubilee Christian Center. Fun times, for sure.

I love being an artist in an artistic household. There is always something being created, whether it be music, art, poetry, drawings or plays. I also love seeing others creating. The process people use to create whatever they are creating fascinates me.

As a storyteller, I love preaching the gospel, the greatest story ever told. It’s fun and exciting. I tend to be middle of the road, not too left and not too right, and people have given me good comments on my messages.

Outside of that, I love to cook, play guitar and trumpet, and run, and do spontaneous stuff with friends.

I guess that’s enough for now.

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