Becoming God’s People Series

Transition from the old to the new is wonderful, but rarely is it easy. Ask anyone trying to lose weight or get in shape, or learn a new language or skill… Old thoughts, habits, and fears and insecurities get in the way of becoming the person you want to be. It is no different becoming the person God made you to be – you’re gonna face some difficulties, some challenges, and even some giants.

The good thing is that we don’t do this alone. We have the presence of God and of community to help us transition from old deadly mindsets of bondage and fear to new mindsets of freedom, life, love and peace.

Let’s look at the journey taken by God’s people as they moved from oppressed to overcomer, and see how the lessons we learn from them can help us in becoming the people God made us to be.

So, what'cha thinking?

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