Trekking the Volcano: Hiking Sibley Volcanic Preserve

This post was originally written in October 2011, but never published.

The roots of the trees formed steps into the heavily wooded area known as Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. I had been looking forward to coming here, having passed it the last time I was in the area looking for somewhere to hike. I knew that California had a volcanic history, but didn’t realize there was such a place, basically in my own backyard. I didn’t know what to expect, which, when you are looking for adventure, is almost the best thing.

There were a couple of paths into the preserve, but this one looked the most intriguing. The hike itself wasn’t that hard, as most of the trails were pretty flat. It made it nice for a longer trek through the preserve. Even though the trails were flat and basically smooth, I found that I had to keep my eyes open, as I almost stepped on an unsuspecting guest.

I’m not sure what I enjoyed most: the rock formations, the views of the Bay and valleys, or the utter quiet of the preserve. Even though it is fairly close to the freeway. the sounds of cars are not heard at all. It’s a great place to walk and get lost in your thoughts.

Ok, enough talking, and more pics 🙂

Notable Notables

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