Tonight, the moon was amazing. I was glad I decided to tote my camera to work, even though it sat lonely in the trunk of my car all day. Yet, when it was time to leave, the only thing I could think about was introducing my camera to that bright beautiful orb in the sky. I took a few shots, then I was off.

Later I started thinking about the pictures, and in particular, why I was, or am, so fascinated by the moon. For me though, it’s not just the moon. It’s the night sky. I remember growing up I would sit out on the electrical box (it was a huge one… it used to be our meeting place, base for hide and go seek, pretty much everything happened on the box) on spring and summer nights and just gaze up at the sky. Stars, meteors, comets and yes, the moon would just intrigue me for hours. I was always totally content, somehow finding my place in the universe by seeing the sky for all that it had to offer. On occasion, we had a neighbor, Stan who had a pretty powerful telescope that got great views of Jupiter. But for me, there was nothing so wonderful as to just sit quietly, staring into space, and seeing the beauty of nature, of creation, of what was so out of reach, yet felt close enough to touch.

What is it about the moon that conjures up thoughts of love and lunacy, wacky and wonder? How does this big rock hanging in the sky capture so much glory by doing nothing more than showing up? Full or crescent, half or eclipsed, we are, or at least I am, fascinated by this light in the sky. Scripture says that it was put there for signs and seasons, days and years. True as that is, it is the eternal wonder that the moon and night sky bring. The fact that we are in a world that is part of another world. It is like a doorway into the unknown, and makes me realize that there is much more to this life than what exists in this 6’2″ frame called “TPM”.

And yet, rather than cause me to diminish into nothingness in the sight of something so far away and magnificent, I realize something about me… I truly am fearfully and wonderfully made. If the moon can shine in all its glory, capturing the hearts and minds of both romantics and intellectuals, if it can consistently play its role in the cosmos without so much of a thought of failure, I can see how my life also fits into the grand scheme of things, not because I have achieved some American dream, but simply because I am playing my part, by being who I am, who I was made to be.

Nights like these are wonderful because I have the opportunity to experience, without the aid of any technology, something so perfect in its orbit, so pleasing to the eye, so marvelous in its being, and it is because it just does what it does… maintaining an orbit so precise that cultures have based their entire history on its cycle… playing with our oceans to create wonderful tides, reflecting the light of the sun so that even nighttime is wonderful. I then see that I am a part of the dance of life, that by just being me, I too can affect histories, create waves of influence, and reflect the Light of Life for others to see.

What is it that I was made to be? A lover of people. A student of nature. A reflector of the Holy One. A good friend. Maybe it’s even simpler, and yet more profound than that: I was made to be me. I should be able to just sit back on the box, look at who I am, and just be satisfied with me.

Think I need to go stare at the moon a little more…

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10 Replies to “Moonstruck…”

  1. This is a beautiful post, Ken! I have a lot of mentions of the moon in my current WIP — especially about reflection on water and the phases of the moon in relation to my main character. So I am especially happy to be mentioned in the post — I’m so glad you liked my morning glories piece. THANK YOU!! xo Julia

  2. Your post is so beautiful I can’t find the right words to fully describe my thoughts right now.
    I’m also in love with the moon (hence an album I have with it on FB) and looking up at the moon on a warm night compares to almost nothing quite as peaceful.

    Kenneth, you are an amazing friend, and you reflect the Light of Life for others to see so, so well! *hugs*

    1. Estrella, your words are like the light of a full moon: wonderful, warm, and so amazing. You’re right, it is so peaceful, and so nice to just sit back and enjoy the night (and even better with great company, hint hint 🙂 )

      *hugs* to you as well

  3. Wow, gorgeous pictures, K! Love, love, love that last one. It’s full of story, don’t you think? (You should always bring your camera along for the ride. You just never know.)

    1. Yes, J, there is so much potential in that last one :-). I love when opportunity like that just presents itself. My camera is becoming one of my best friends (it will never replace a wonderful friend like you. 🙂 ).

  4. Beautiful pictures and beautiful post Ken! I too, am drawn to the full moon. In my shamanic studies, we have full moon fire ceremonies and they are incredible, so lovely and amazing.

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and your photos ♥

    1. Christie, your mention of shamanic studies reminds me of a man that I used to work with. He also had the most amazing experiences (and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was sitting next to you in the fire ceremony… He’s just like that 🙂 ).

      Glad you liked the pictures, and the post

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