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Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me to go walking. I really didn’t want to, cuz I’d have to drive a long way, I’d get there late, blah, blah, blah, but I reluctantly consented. While I was driving there, I suddenly realized something that totally bummed me out… my favorite tv shows were on that night! Aaugh! How could I forget? Truthfully, I almost called my friend, and said that I had another engagement that I forgot about… seriously? over a TV show? Well, we went walking, and had some pretty engaging conversation. I’m glad that I didn’t wimp out.

After I got home, I received a bit of a scare, from my daughter and her health. As we talked, I pretty much demanded that she see a doctor, and she said she couldn’t go the next day, because her schedule was too tight (geez, does she have to be stubborn like me? 🙂  ). Thankfully, she is going in the morning, and after that, I’ll be able to relax, a bit.

TV shows… schedules… stuph… somehow, those have become the most important things in our lives. How did that happen?

I’ve had the opportunity to get together with a few friends recently, catching up on old times, or just sitting around watching kids play and enjoying some decadent ice cream. No schedules. No TV. Even no social media (which is totally hard for me). Just spending time with people I love. The interesting thing is that the more I do it, the more I want to do it. Very out of character for for an introvert like me.

Important stuph… I think it’s high time that we redefine what is important. Not that schedules and favorite TV shows are not important, but if all we are doing is existing from task to task, or living vicariously through the two dimensional characters on the box on the wall, I think we miss out on what life is all about. We have to be able to do the one, without neglecting the other.

I had visited a friend in the hospital, and I loved his perspective. He couldn’t wait to get out to see his kids, and to spend time with his wife. Work? secondary… hospital stuff? there, and very important, but again… secondary. He had defined what is really important in his life. I commend him for this. Not only do I commend him, I am learning from him.

I’m learning that the most important stuph in my life isn’t stuph at all… the people in my life are the most important… more than work, more than goals, more than my favorite tv shows. I’m also learning to let those people know that they are the most important. I’m not always good at it, but I’m trying to get better.

What is your important stuph?

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  1. I’m with you….family, health, my loved ones — that’s my important stuph (can I use that word spelled like that? 🙂 When something happens to one of them, everything else falls away. p.s. hope all’s well with your daughter, keep us posted, please!

  2. You’re so right, and I’m so glad to read you’ve come this conclusion. The scare I had three years ago taught me that stuph is just stuph and what really matters is spending time with the people I love, connecting with those I can’t be physically around and doing as much of what makes me happy.
    (And interestingly enough, watching TV hasn’t made me happy in around six years now, I rarely watch it.)

    I second Julia’s request, do keep us posted – hope your daughter will be alright! *sending positive thoughts*

    1. Thanks Estrella,

      I know what you mean… there is so little on TV that I like or that holds my interest. My family is totally into reality TV, and I can’t stand it :-). Anyway, real people are more fun.

      good news on my daughter, the initial tests came out good. She still has some other things to do, but they are not as serious as what she had today. I’m breathing much better. Thanks to you and Julia for asking (another reason to love real people like you 🙂 )

  3. Hi Ken – this is great and you are so right! We get so consumed with “stuph” that we forget what is most important – our health, family and loved ones! We have to be thankful and remind ourselves that we have a great life!!! Hope your daughter is well. Take care Ken and thanks for sharing!

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