Hiking in the Huckleberries

Today I felt out of sorts. Not sure why, but I felt like I needed to get out and experience nature. The question was, where to go?

I did a quick check of the East Bay Regional Parks, and chose the Huckleberry Botanical Regional Preserve.  I could have chosen anywhere, but the little I read of the description was enough for me. Truthfully. I just wanted a nice hike, something to work the muscles and work up a sweat. Oh, and of course, a place I could take a bunch of pics 🙂

The park is off of Skyline Blvd in the Oakland hills. You can choose to get caught up in the pricey houses perched precariously on the hills, or look the other way to get a beautiful view of the entire Bay.  The sky was a bit overcast, so the pictures were not what they could have been, but I imagine that on a clear day, the sights would be wonderful. However, those shots were not my goal. I wanted to hike.

After reading the standard warnings about mountain lions and such, I was off. There were two pathways that would wind around the reserve. I decided to start on the upper trail to see where it went. Yes, I probably should have picked up a map, but the path is clearly marked, not only with directions, but with numbers letting you know how far you have gone, and how far until you return to the start. The area is heavily wooded, with various kinds of trees and plants, and, of course, huckleberries.  For those of you who are wondering, no, there were no killer rocks this time :-). I would suggest if you are going, to ensure that you plan for a lot of time, so you can take some of the other trails, but be careful, because there are no path markings on those trails (I learned the hard way, but it was a nice adventure 🙂 ).

There are other reserves nearby, so you can easily check out multiple places on the same day, and parking is free which is a plus. They say that no dogs are allowed, but people had them, so you can judge for yourself. Here are some more pictures of the reserve.


Notable Notables:

The rest of the pics from the hike: http://photobucket.com/Huckleberry_Botanical

Huckleberry Preserve: http://www.ebparks.org/parks/huckleberry

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  1. Kenneth! You just KNOW I would have to comment 🙂 I, too, felt a need to commune with nature today, in my favorite form of hiking. Just Mamacita Nature and I and a few does springing away down the path. I sat on a boulder 1 1/2 miles up the trail to savor the sunset (and Adelle crooning to me from my iPhone)…and the spotlight of the moon guided my descent. I love the photos of the trails you were on! Gorgeous ferns…we have to go quite high up on our trails to get into the realm of the bracken (ferns). Thank you for sharing this with us fellow fools for nature! *huugs* Gina

    1. Hi Gina! I thought of you during the entire hike. I think you would love this area. The ferns were amazing… I’ve never seen so many grow so wild. I thought about sticking around to catch the sunset, but I’ve never been on this trail before, and didn’t want to end up not remembering how to get back (I did wander off the marked trail for quite a bit, andn there was no one around to give me any direction… decided after a while it was prudent to track back).

      Sounds like you had a wonderful hike as well. I love that :-). Huugs right back to you!

  2. Yes, best not to navigate a new trail in the dark 🙂 Though that moon was quite bright and guiding last night. I suspect I would love that area too, from the photos I’ve seen that you posted! Happy new week, my friend! Gina

  3. I’m so late getting here. I’m thinking by the date of the post, there were reasons to feel out of sorts…. and to me, there is nothing better than nature when you’re feeling like you need to refind you.

    You reminded me that when I was hiking in Humboldt, I found a trail that was mostly deserted, and so gorgeous. But those standard-issue warnings kept haunting me because no one knew where I was. I thought, if I were to get into a tangle with a cat or bear, no one would know where to look for me. So I only walked a mile in, and then went back out and found the trail (and park) I’d said I’d be visiting.

    I went back the next day, though, with The Boy.

    1. I’ve been thinking about going back earlier in the day, just so I can take that unknown path further out (then again, I think it probably would be better to go with a friend)

      Nature definitely helped that day… typically does for me 🙂

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