Darkness Can’t…

Jupiter and 4 of its moons

Somewhere between 365 and 610 million miles away from us, in the vast expanse of space, lies a planet with 4 of its moons still visible…

Amidst all that darkness… literally millions and millions of miles of darkness, light still shines.

I read a tweet today about someone being overwhelmed and depressed over all the heartache going on in the world. No doubt, there is a lot. But I’m here to tell you…

Light is still shining

And darkness cannot overcome it.

We have to look for the light, but we don’t have to look hard… it’s there.

And if we are so lucky to have the right tools (thanks love 😊), we can see even more light shining.

So, good people… pull out your spiritual, emotional, relational and social telescopes, and let’s all look for the light, cuz it’s there, and it is shining through all the darkness.

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