Where’s Waldo?

May 12…

That’s the last many of you have heard from me. Not for lack of content, as I have had a lot of things brewing under my skullcap. They just never made it onto the page. I’ve wondered why it has taken me so long to do what I have instinctively done since I was 6 years old, and that is write… not for fame, or accolades, or anything, but just for writing’s sake.

I had many opportunities to write. Sitting in my own quiet living room or dining room, with no one but me around, you would think this would be perfect… no distractions, just me and my computer. Unfortunately, for me it doesn’t typically work that way. Most of my sermon prep would take place in coffee shops or diners, and often when I did some of my best writing, it was sprinkled with getting up and leaving my computer to do… well, anything – go for a drive, work out, go to my favorite tea place and get my boba without the boba… all of this would release the tension and let my juices flow.

I haven’t written consistently since I moved to Portland. I am sure some of that had to do with getting settled, finding my new rhythms, and figuring out life. But some of it also had to do with finding Kenneth.

Writing is one of those things that I find to be personal… even intimate. Weird that I would want to do something so intimate in places that were littered with people. But I guess that is the strange beauty of it. While personal and intimate, it is also meant to be shared. I liken it to being in the kitchen, cooking up a wonderful meal. All the preparation, the details, down to the specific spices… all of it so that those who taste it can have the pleasure that was already brewing in your heart at the very concept of the meal.

So, what does Waldo have to do with it?

If you don’t have the books, venture to your local bookstore (if there are any… so sad. At least I have Powell’s books not too far from me) and find a Where’s Waldo book, written by Martin Handford. It is a fun challenge to see in the myriad of people, activities and striped shirts, Waldo emerge. Not as easy as it would seem. I imagine that if Waldo were alive, there would be times he might think that he wasn’t special… that he could easily blend into the crowd so much that no one would see or even miss him. How refreshing for him when he could hear over the top of the pages, “I found him! I found Waldo!”

I had a conversation with my daughter Imani the other day (if you are lucky, you will see and/or hear the conversation in some of her published works due to come out soon), where we talked about what motivates us, especially when there are so many things that can take us away from our goals. The conversation was so interesting because it was in line with what I had been studying, and how the speaking or declaration of our testimony is one of the chief components for overcoming the voice of accusation. In short, one of the take-away’s from the conversation and the study is that it’s not the voice coming over the top of the page that should motivate us. Rather, it is the voice – the declaration from within our heart that should drive us.

So, it is great and comforting and reassuring to hear others ask, “When will you write again? (thanks mom)”. But even more powerful to hear my own heart and voice say, “I will write.” Hence, the words on this page. 🙂

If any of you have been asking yourself, “Where’s Kenneth?”, or rather, where is his blog? It is right here. You will be able to find it more and more, as the writer is back to emerging. There will be some minor changes to the format, just due to changes in tools and such, but the overall thrust will be just as strong.

I also pray, that as you think about your own journey, and wonder if anyone is even looking for you, know that you are more valuable and have more to offer than a comic book character. And even though you may not hear the words as often as you would like, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t scouring the pages of life and relationship to find you.

Trivia: People’s fascination with finding this fictional character Waldo (or Wally as he is known in the U.K.), has made Martin Handford quite famous and wealthy, to the tune of some $20 million dollars… just think what could happen to those around you if they were able to find you…

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