Life Lessons From Saturday Morning Cartoons…

When I was a kid (ok, even as an adult), there was something that I always looked forward to. And not just me – every kid in the neighborhood, or dare I say, in the country. Yes, you know it: Saturday morning cartoons. Getting up for school was a chore, but Saturday… ah, Saturday. I would spring up virtually at the crack of dawn, grab a bowl of cereal, and park myself in front of the TV for my weekly dose of Bugs & Daffy, Tom & Jerry and Bullwinkle’s Corner. Life was simpler back then.

The nice part about them was that it really didn’t matter what they were about. There were no overt life lessons, no serious considerations… just a bumbling hunter who could never get the rabbit, and characters that would fall from hundreds of feet, and end up with just a bump on the noggin. Still, there were some things you could learn from these wonderful necessities of life…

  • Sunglasses and a hat were good enough to fool anyone chasing you
  • To stop a villian, change the conversation
  • If you really want to drive your enemy crazy, give them a great big kiss
  • There’s always a different way to tell the story
  • No matter how many times you fall, you can always get up


Of course, back then, I wasn’t trying to analyze the deep significance of each escape and encounter. Back then, I think I figured out what was one of the most important lessons of life: enjoy it. Not for any reason, but enjoy life  just because you can. Lately, I’ve probably forgotten that lesson more than I care to admit. However, the good thing is, just like falling, you don’t have to stay down. So, I raise my sippy cup, and say to you, “Here’s to enjoying life!” It is meant to be lived, and lived to the full.

Who knew cartoons were so deep…

4 Replies to “Life Lessons From Saturday Morning Cartoons…”

  1. I love this Ken! I too remember a simpler time and those wacky, fun Saturday morning cartoons. I have thought about upgrading my cable to include the channels that get the cartoons that I remember, not the modern day ones :^) It’s all about the joy and somehow when I transitioned into the adult world, I tucked those memories far away. Thank you for bringing them back to the surface!

    1. hi Christie,

      you know I thought about the fact that there was something that the older cartoons had that the newer ones do not. It will be interesting to see if the next generation does the same (my kids do say that about their cartoons in relation to the current set). definitely good times and good memories 🙂

  2. We went to catachism on Saturday mornings but during the summer we were glued to the set. I remember humming the back ground music especially to Dudley Do Right.

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