Avoiding the stampede for office leftovers…

The email caught me offguard. I was in the zone, under pressure to get a particular assignment done. I had polished off my healthy breakfast of oatmeal (ok, maybe it wasn’t so healthy, as it had sugar), and was focused on work.

“Food – Come to the 4th floor kitchen behind XXXX conference room!”

Without realizing it, my body started reacting, mind racing, pulse pounding…

I gotta get there before all the good stuff is gone!

Of course, in retrospect, I had no idea if there was any good stuff, and by good, I mean healthy (or tasty, or worthwhile, or whatever). All I knew is it was something that qualified to be food. To be fair, my company is known for feeding us very well, so I really had no doubt that whatever it was would have been good.

Still, before I had the opportunity to take a step, logic kicked in, and I’m glad it did. See, I am trying to get back to being healthy: eating right, exercising, getting proper rest, and not working 20 hours a day. I realized I had to do something when I was wheezing on warmup laps, getting winded walking up a single flight of stairs, and buying clothes because, well, I had to (yes, that is worth a big cry…). When I started looking at the clothes in my closet as a goal, I knew something was very wrong :-).

So, as I said, logic kicked in. I decided I wanted to keep with my discipline and wait until lunchtime for the healthy lunch I brought. It was a good day… until about 2pm… Another email!

Temptation, thy name is Microsoft Outlook!

More food! What are they trying to do to me? Sure, my lunch was satisfying, but it was the afternoon, and I deserved a snack, or something. The pressure of the assignment was getting to me too. “No… no… I’m not gonna do it. Stay healthy. Stay on course. It will be worth it when you can claim one more belt notch” (I know, some of you are reading this laughing at me, but trust me, it’s all true ๐Ÿ™‚ ). So I did it. I stayed away, twice. I stuck to my guns, and hopefully, some of the stuff sticking to my waist will eventually fall off :-).

Notable Notables

I used to live off of pizza, so when I saw this picture, I had to use it. It is from a site called Interesting Musings. The posts seem to be dated, but are great to read. http://interestingmusings.wordpress.com/

I think I have found my celebration place once I reach my goal: C.R.E.A.M, and it’s only minutes from home and work (hmmm, gotta make sure I don’t cave before I hit my goal). Read Michael Porreca’s review of the place to find out why: http://blntrctn.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/cream-cookies-rule-everything-around-me/

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  1. Well, I’m having the same problem with my clothes shrinking recently. And like you, I, too, deserve a snack in the afternoon. Sunday night I made pita chips and ranch hummus so I could have a healthy afternoon snack. I packaged them in three portions so I could take them three times during the week. It’s keeping me from stopping for french fries on my way home from work, when I get too hungry to make it home!

    Congrats on being able to stay your path! Love you!

  2. I like that I’m a woman and not watching my weight ๐Ÿ˜€

    j wrote a blog post recently about how kids, if left to make up their own mind will not overeat. I do the same thing.

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