Self Love Part 2… From Me, To Me

Today’s challenge for the love project is “Express Yourself”. Typically, that is not a problem for me… well, in most circumstances. I’ve always felt comfortable on the stage, in a pulpit, even in most writing events (once I get past the initial fear 🙂 ). Like many, though, expressing myself to myself  has not been my forte’. Every once in a while, though it has to be done. This is one of those times.

Part of the Love Project is to write a love letter to yourself. When that was announced, I wasn’t ready. I had to, effectively, find my open door. In other words, I had to find the “point of faith”, or something that would allow me to engage on that level, and not automatically go back into old habits. There were a couple things, but one was a Christmas present from my kids – on it, the simple phrase, “Respect The Architect”. I have pondered it over the week, and now my door is open. I’m ready to write my letter…


Dear Ken,

You do a great job having words for others, encouraging them, seeing the best in them, but now, it’s your turn. Don’t think you are exempt from your own words – I know you spend way too much time being hard on yourself. Even when it came to this, you saw how you couldn’t do it. However, let me share with you a few things that you need to, well, not just know, but accept.

Your sweatshirt says “Respect the Architect”. That should say a lot to you. It’s not about what you do, Ken. It’s about who you are. Who you are is what makes you do the things you do, feel what you feel, and touch people in ways that only you can. Who you are makes you want to bring out the best in others. Who you are is a guy, a man who takes chances, who dreams big, and refuses to be dissuaded. You never give up, even when things turn against you, when people tell you you’re crazy, when you think you are crazy. You hold to your dreams and convictions, not because you have proof, but because of how you are made.

Even now, you are pursuing some pretty lofty goals this year, and I know you (I better…) – you will get to the end of the year, and torture yourself over the specific goals you have not met. Don’t do it Ken, please.  Rather, think about it this way… you are pursuing them. That’s more than can be said for many, but truthfully, looking at others doesn’t matter:  it is what makes you, you. It’s not about the finishing of the goal, Ken. It’s about what is accomplished, what is experienced along the way. You have already seen great things because you decided to start, because you faced your fears and dared to dream larger than you have before. You are fun when you dream. You come alive when you live those dreams.

Ken… passionate, visionary, dreamer Ken. Never shrink back from being that you that others love. That you love. That you were made to be. Never be afraid to jump, to leap, to soar. To be the you in your dreams. Don’t get so caught up in the stuff you do that you miss the joy of the journey. You were made for the joy. Others see it, you have seen it too. I emplore you, to know it and live it.

Respect the Architect, Ken. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You were made to be exactly who you are, and all that you can become. It’s exciting to watch and be a part of.



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  1. Brother mine,

    Yet another “wow!” from you and even though the intended recipient is you,it speaks to me as well. In fact, I venture to say it speaks to everyone who reads it, whether they are Type-As or -Bs or any other letter of the alphabet. It’s wonderful encouragement you give us telling us that we can respect the One who made us, who designed us, and who has big (and small) plans for our lives simply by accepting who we are…as we are. Thank you for that and so many other things!

    I may write more later as the beauty and depth of your letter continue to speak to me. Whether I do or not, know that you are fiercely, tenderly, terrifically loved and I’m very, very proud of you!

    All of Heaven’s best,

    1. Thanks sis, I do appreciate it. It’s funny, but when the kids got me the sweatshirt, they didn’t know what it said. Every time i wear it, though, it makes me think of how I’m made. How we all are made. Even though I just wrote it, i’m still pondering all that it is. Probably will be for a long time…

  2. “Don’t get so caught up in the stuff you do that you miss the joy of the journey.”

    Love that!

    You do know that I see you as the calm in the storm right? In case you don’t see it, here it is.

  3. I only know you online, and for not too long at that, but everything you wrote for yourself is something I noticed (mostly) right away about you and what I like about you.
    You’re YOU – no one else can be!

    *hugs* my friend 🙂

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