My Favorite Things…

The last couple weeks, I’ve been a grump. Not a big grump, but just enough for me to know that I was a grump (I’m sure others noticed it too). When I get like this, I get silent and invisible. Not a good thing when you are trying to have some level of online presence (not to mention being a good friend and family man). I tried to figure out why I was a grump – maybe I was working too hard, too many projects, not enough fun stuph… don’t know.

Battling the grumps can be difficult, cuz there’s something strangely intoxicating about being a grump. You become weirdly self-aware, while you are being self-absorbed.

Frankly, like Oscar’s trash can… it stinks…

As i thought about how to battle the grumps, I got some clues from some unexpected places and people.

yes, it’s all about my favorite things, counting my blessings, being grateful for what I actually do have. The fun thing about it is I didn’t just have to think about my favorite things, I had (and will have) the chance to experience them. Life can really be good, with the right perspective. So, what are my favorite things?

  • Spontaneous get togethers with friends – this past weekend, I got a surprise ticket to a wine festival in Monterey. What a great time. The wine was spectacular, there was a clam chowder competition, and the weather was great. This week it continues with more friends. Hanging out, having dinner, giving gifts… friends are the ultimate anti-grump
  • A good (really good) movie – The other night, while I was in the depths of the grumps, I ran across one of my favorite movies, Strictly Ballroom. I love that movie. It always touches my emotions in a special way. I grew up loving dance, but didn’t get the opportunity until my daughter started dancing, and I was able to compete alongside her. There are not many movies I watch multiple times, but this one, definitely.
  • Finishing a project – I like it when I can figure out that one thing that is keeping me from completing the project, and finally getting it done. Closing the book on a project makes me feel real good
  • Good hugs – not wimpy, professional, politically correct hugs, but real hugs. Doesn’t matter whether it is guys or girls, kids or adults, but the more the better. If nothing else, good hugs are the best defense against the grumps (here’s a secret… virtual hugs are also great. Thanks J and Estrella 🙂  )
  • New recipes – trying something new, creating in the kitchen, it’s so fun
  • Doing things for people – Aside from hugs, this is probably the best way to get rid of the grumps. Remember, the grumps cause you to focus inward, making you a black hole of emotion and energy… grumpy people have an uncanny ability to drain the life out of any and everyone in the vicinity. However, turning it around and doing things for others causes your light to shine, and that’s what you are made to do.

So, what are your favorite things?

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  1. Wondered why you’d been so silent lately!…I hate it when I have those grouchy times. Usually I just wait it out, but you’ve given some great ideas of how to move things along. Thanks and glad you’re on the upswing!

  2. Aww – there’s an endless supply of virtual *hugs* over at this end for when ever you need some or just because (and I promise an equal amount for when (not if) we get to meet in person – positive thinking)!
    I’m considering myself lucky and am grateful to have lovely friends like you, who can bring a smile to my face even on days when I’m tired, or sad (and/or maybe even grumpy)! You did just that quite a few times.
    Being in grumpy moods is never fun for anyone, but it makes me happy I could contribute to making your day(s) a bit better 🙂

    My favorite things include the things you listed above, and I’ll also add singing and writing to the list. You’re right, Life can really be good, with the right perspective – and when I’m having trouble with that music and writing help me turn my mood around.

    1. “when (not if) we get to meet in person” – I am so looking forward to that 🙂

      and I love the endless supply. I have an equal supply for you.

      I can’t believe I didn’t include music and writing in my list.

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