It’s all about Kid Stuph…

Some time ago, I was working out in the gym early in the morning. They had the big screens going, and I really wasn’t paying too much attention to them, but something on CNN caught my eye. Maybe because it was out of the ordinary for CNN (or at least what I thought CNN would be broadcasting), or something, but whatever it was, I became caught up in the story. It was a little girl about 2 years old who could have been a motivational speaker

I was sold. Done. Throughout my workout, all I could think of was remembering what I could of the video, so I could find it on the web. I made it a favorite on youtube, copied it to my phone, listened to it whenever I could. I don’t know why I was so taken, but I found it wonderful…

Since then, I have seen other things that caught me about kids. Recently my friend J shared another video with me, well 2 that, again, just made me smile  and warmed my heart to no end.

Ok, one more 🙂 … I was watching Imagemakers, a PBS show that focuses on independent films, and this one, Mickey and Maria, blew me away.

This is just the preview. To see the full vid with subtitles, you can go here: Trust me, if you are a romantic like me, you will be glad you did.

What is it about kid stuph that fascinates us? Sure, kids are cute and lovable and stuph, and watching them do things that we normally attribute to adults is just so fun. But maybe it’s more than that. Maybe it’s because we see them having such pure fun and enjoyment in the thing they are doing. Kids don’t do things for money, or fame, or special recognition (other than mom and dad) – they just love doing them. Watching kids doing whatever it is – singing, conducting, or wooing the girl of his dreams, reaches that area of our own heart that has been pushed aside for what we consider grown up life.

I was reading The Friday List on Zebra Sounds, and J had a link to some art based on Maurice Sendak, creator of “Where the Wild Things Are“. I immediately started to reminisce, get emotional and teary eyed, and was transported to a time when I was about 4 years old. I loved that book. Still do. It was simple, and innocent, and spoke of the world in a way that I, as a kid, saw it. I loved reading it, and couldn’t wait to get to the last page…

“and it was still hot”

That’s the way a kid’s life should be. Simple, adventurous, full of opportunity, and dinner that is always hot.

Maybe that’s what catches us. After all, after dealing with traffic, angry customers, fluctuating stock markets, and news that always seems bad, seeing kids living their lives brings us back, in some measure to what life is about – doing what you love, not letting anything stop your dreams, enjoying every moment, and appreciating the big and little things.

My friend Chris asked me to comment on the mentoring we have been doing with each other, and as we spoke about it one thing became clear – we had gotten so caught up in mentoring and business that we forgot to just be friends. We’re gonna be working on that, not abandoning the mentoring, but not making it the only reason we hang out. I like that.

So, I guess now you know a little of why I like kid stuph so much. It softens the hardest of hearts, and gives us adults the freedom to play. and sing. and conduct. and woo… and enjoy every minute of it.

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  1. Love this post!! Just tried to send you a Facebook message and somehow the entire thing (I was almost finished) got deleted before I got a chance to send it so I will take that as a sign I wasn’t supposed to send it :^) Basically, I said that you and our dear friend J are an inspiration to me – you inspire me to be a better writer and a better person and I thank you and love you for that.

    Looking forward to reading more Kid Stuph and the day when I can pick up a copy of your novel at my favorite bookstore!!

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