Some time ago, I was watching a show on the science of taste. In it, they demonstrated that DNA has a lot to do with kids’ like or dislike of certain foods, namely vegetables. They were able to predict with extreme accuracy which kids would hate broccoli, and which would love Brussel Sprouts (I, for one have always been a fan of Brussel Sprouts, and relish the day that I can make them well. That, however is a story for another time).

In the show, they talked about the stress and anxiety that kids that hated vegetables went through, especially when their parents would give them the classic line “eat it, it’s good for you”. Now, I don’t know of any kid who jumps up and down at the sound of those words… in fact, they (and I would venture to say quite a few adults too) run screaming, trying to find a place to hide, because that phrase usually invokes thoughts of horrid taste, pain or loss. Lessons that we would rather learn in other ways… “growing up”, taking it like a man, the list goes on and on.

what does any of this have to do with writing/blogging?

For me, plenty… While my DNA has me as a storyteller, lately, it feels like my DNA has shifted, causing me to have an aversion to writing. I have sat down with every notion of writing something. It didn’t even have to be witty, or breathtaking, just getting into the flow of what has always been natural to me, only to find me running screaming. “Don’t make me “eat” this!”. It wasn’t just on my blog either, but I would go to friends’ sites, and find every excuse to not comment on their posts (“they don’t want to hear me. I have nothing to say”).

It felt like eating broccoli…

I had to do it though. Not for anyone else, but for me. To get back to the “me” that I know I am. So, here I am… eating what is good for me. It doesn’t flow right now like I want it to, but it will.

I was on my friend J’s site,, and she was talking about taking a challenge (initially, it was a joke, but she’s good about not letting things go too quickly and seeing opportunity in front of her). Inspiring… it did help me break through the barrier, or at least open the gate a little. Right now, I’ll take that.

So, Kid Stuph will begin to be populated again with Life, Love and Wisdom. It will be a slow progression, but I will get back to my discipline of writing. I’m “eating my blogcoli”… it’s good for me.

Notable Notables:

J’s new site on the wonders of love:

If you can’t write for yourself, why not join Estrella Azul and write for others?

6 Replies to “Blogcoli…”

  1. I second what j said!

    Hope you will stop thinking that anyone doesn’t want to hear from you or that you have nothing to say – because that’s simply not true!

    And thank you for mentioning the love letter writing, you’re very sweet to do so and help spread the word. *hugs*

    1. Thanks Estrella. I do know it’s not true, because of wonderful friends like you. The life situations make it seem that way sometimes. I just have to learn how to push past it and know what is really true.

      And, I couldn’t do this without mentioning your project! I think it is a wonderful thing. Your words have filled me so, and I know how it can do the same for others (it’s one of the reasons I am back).

      *hugs* right back to you! 🙂

  2. Brother mine, we’ve all longed to hear from you again and are so glad, so blessed, to know you’re writing again. Some of those who love what you write do so because of your wisdom, as what you say sheds light on the paths they tread. Others love the way the Love we all share is refracted through you. Still others, who don’t see you often enough, love it because it’s truly a conversation, the turning of phrases that is uniquely your own and to which we can respond.

    As well, I echo and agree with both j and Estrella Azul. With everything going on in your life right now, little of which I’m privy to (ahem! 😉 ), consider that this might be the perfect but not-for-you time for those old tapes to cue up and begin to play again like some evil, machiavelian, moebius strip. Honey, it’s time to toss that 8-track machine in the garbage.

    As to brussels sprouts, I read a wonderful online article last autumn, learned some interesting things — don’t ever boil it: that’s what makes it bitter (really?) — and saw recipes Matt and I are determined to explore. And that’s saying something because we’re the broccoli not brussels sprouts folks. Probably next autumn, though, because we’ll not be settled into our next, permanent-for-now home until after the current season is over. So, dear one, here’s the link, with a hug and a blessing and a prayer you fully enjoy it:|main5|dl7|sec1_lnk2|110187#photo-1

    Love you much, sweetie, and welcome, oh welcome back!

    1. you’re right sis, and I had tossed those tapes some time ago, but in the perfect storm that has been tossing over the last few months, somehow not only did they surface, but found a way to get power and start playing… Even though I saw it happening, the waves had my full attention, so I couldn’t really stop it.

      in any case, I am glad for people like you (and J, and Estrella, and the list goes on) that stand poised to love and encourage me to be me in all of the venues that are me.

      I’ll check out the Sprouts article later. I am determined to make something wonderful with them (I still find it amazing that I looked forward to when my mom would make them when i was a kid).

      Love you too sis, and thanks again.

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