To those in charge of America…

we see you on TV…
You say that they are being stubborn, keeping you from doing the right thing for us…
They say the same thing about you.
Meanwhile you are hurting us…
you’re going to let us fall off a cliff while you decide which one of you is right.
You’re arguing while we get stolen from.
Would you do the same thing if your paycheck was on the line? If you were penalized for every day you argue? Do we need to put a curse jar in front of you, that when you stalemate, you put your own money on the line?

We don’t get a vote in this at all, yet we get screwed if you can’t get along…

It shouldn’t be this hard. Washington… play nice and fix this thing! Think outside of the box. Find some solution. Stop calling yourselves Republican and Democrat, and start calling yourselves servants of your constituents. Get out of your meeting halls and start looking in the face of the people who elected you, the ones you are going to hurt if you don’t fix this.

If you want us to believe in you, give us something to believe in. Show us that you can lead this country together. Help us to be a great nation once again.

Fix it.


2 Replies to “To those in charge of America…”

  1. Kenneth, this simply rocks. I was just thinking the other day it’s like when I was younger, hearing my parents constantly fighting…with my brother and I sitting outside, listening, hearing them, both of us weeping. If my parents had just looked at us, looked our way, to see how it was impacting us, I’m almost certain it would have stilled their anger, and their angry words. To me, that is exactly what the government is doing, and even extends out to two countries. Two big parents fighting…and it is the children, their people who suffer for it. Great post! Thank you!

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