Every time
I close my eyes
I’m there…
In a terminal
Bus, train, plane
Doesn’t matter.
People everywhere
Coming, going
Here to there
In motion…
Saying hello… goodbye
But I’m stuck…
Still in this terminal…
New dream, new place…
Still a terminal
All my bags with me
Soooo many places to go
Why, why, why…
Am I still stuck
In this terminal???
Eyes close
People move
I have not
Are you there?
Did… did you move too?
I’m afraid to close my eyes now…
I don’t want to see me
Still stuck
In the terminal…

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9 Replies to “Stuck…”

      1. We all carry it, my friend. I guess we need to consider re-packing them with only GUUD things and jettisoning fear, doubt, judgement.. I’ve been repacking my bags of late. I suspect it’s a lifelong process tho! ;} xo

  1. Interesting. Lots of bloggers writing about dreams in the last week or two — their symbolism, etc. I love dream interpretation and, though I don’t yet know you, like what Gina said above about the bags/baggage. May your next dream find you on the bus, train, or plane … moving forward.

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