First Stab

So, my first attempt at blogging, and I am already trying to talk myself out of it. I’m a much better listener. At least that’s how I have always seen myself. I like hearing what other people have to say, and I like responding to people, but I have never been good at initiating conversation. So, why now? What makes me think that I can? I think it is less about what people think about the blog, and more about the need to speak out and speak up. At some point, I will get “good” at this and people might even find the content pretty interesting. I hope that happens. If it doesn’t, at least I will have a forum that I can use to gather my thoughts, post things I find interesting, and have some fun. So, here we go!

3 Replies to “First Stab”

  1. “Not good at initiating….” Huh. Well, you don’t have to be to write. It’s all about responding to life, whether it be news or ponderings or the cartwheelings in your mind.

    I’m excited for ya, brother mine. Very, very excited!

  2. By the way, you’re wrong about that. You *are* good at initiating…you just don’t realize it! 🙂

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