Breaking Ground: The Journey For Good



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Perpetual Good Podcast

It has been a little while since I posted… June, to be exact. That doesn’t mean I have been slacking off. Far from it. These last few months have been very busy working on what’s next.

I have spent a lot of the time in front of microphones, software, and almost as much time talking to people about this idea… the thought that there is so much good in the world that needs to be celebrated, highlighted and given more place than the barrage of evil we see all around us. The consensus is clear – the time is right for just such a message.

Hold on now… is this a diversion tactic? Something to distract us from the very real issues that are plaguing our society? Absolutely not. In fact, to take a page from my trainer, who always said, “you have to run fast in order to run fast”, good cannot be accomplished by evil, but only by more good. We need to know that it is ok to not only be good, but to perpetuate good all around us.

So, after hours, days and months of trial and error, recording and erasing, conversations and consulting, The Perpetual Good Podcast is officially breaking ground. I am excited about this part of the journey, for those that will be guests on the show, and for everyone that will be not only touched, but will be change agents, partially due to something they received from Perpetual Good.

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