Walking Through The Veil Series

To many, the Bible is a collection of books, chapters and verses. There are even debates regarding the Old and New Testaments, which is “better” or more preferred. To God, however and what should be to us, the Bible is one story – a single purpose threaded throughout every life, action and declaration. That story is the love of God for mankind, and His never ending pursuit of us to bring us into the fullness of relationship with Him.

One way that this can be seen is in the construction of the original Sanctuary. Moses was told to make it according to the pattern he saw when he was on the mountain with God, so the Sanctuary was a picture of a deeper reality – a picture of something more that God wanted to communicate. As we walk through the elements of the Sanctuary, and get to the final place, peering through the veil into the Most Holy Place, we get a deeper understanding of God’s purpose and plan for us – the same purpose and plan that has been all along.

One love… one story… one God who loves us with a love that knows no bounds.

So, what'cha thinking?

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