Unbridled desire..

I saw you, and knew I had to have you
You were different than all the rest
You caught my eye, and my heart started to race
I made my move… subtly
Others were watching, and I didn’t want them getting the wrong idea
Or maybe the right one… I was intent on you being mine.
But would you respond to my move?
Would you come to me?
My breath quickened as I saw you move forward
Just a little more… don’t let me down…
Anticipation… desire…
I can almost taste your sweet goodness
Then, you paused…
Why? why would you do this to me?
Didn’t I give enough? Are you just a tease?
Please… don’t stop… not now…
We’re so close…
My eyes widen in anticipation
My breathing stops…
My muscles tighten…
Then it happens…
You drop
And I pull you…
Close to me…
From the vending machine…
Chocolatey goodness that can only be had
For the price of one, unwrinkled dollar…

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