2 Replies to “Did My Post Suck Today?”

  1. Brother mine, I think anyone who puts some kind of pen to paper, be it old school, or electronic, feels the same way; and every one of us will tell you these thoughts are also ever-present in our minds/hearts/spirits.
    For my own sanity, I think of my posts as sacrifices to the Lord, and with each one I say, “I do this because You have put the need-to love of writing in me and because You asked me to, and I offer each to You. Even when my heart breaks because there are no responses, I will continue to write, thankfully, because it is such a privilege to do so.”


    1. you are so right, sis. We are not supposed to do what we do for the praise of men, but because we have been created to do so. Doing what we do in secret, so our Father can proclaim it on the rooftops. How easy it is, though to get caught up in the mental gymnastics that come with putting your heart out to the world. I love this post cuz it is such a reality check and a mirror. As funny as it is, as mucyh as we can identify with all the justifications that come with the writing, it gives us the ability to also rise above, and do what we do for the love of it, the love of the Father, and the love of ourselves. Writing is a privilege, and I am thankful that we have been entrusted with that privilege.


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